New posters and friends in western places

As usual, we've been quiet. Why you ask? Well, as per usual, we've been busy.

We got the call from a our new buds in LA to knock a tour poster. We were delighted when Sara Bareilles reached out to us. She's a very talented fish swimming upstream in the mainstream. If she's coming near your city or even if she's not go see her tickle the ivories and belt some sweet... um, notes?

Anyway, we had a blast working on the poster and word on the street is they're selling fast, so you'll want to pick one up lickity-split. We have a limited number of prints, so if you're a hard-core Bareill-a-naut and you won't be able to make it to show you'll want to hit the shop and snag your own.


Poster numero dos is for the dudes in Seryn. Wello did a great job on this one. If you haven't heard their latest album 'This Is Where We Are', then I'm not sure we can be friends until you give it a listen. Again, these little guys are available in limited quantity in our shop, so get a move on.